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Sixteen parties are taking part in the 2019 European Parliament election

Apr. 30, 2019

There are 16 parties participating in the European Parliament election on 23 May 2019. This was announced by the Electoral Council, central electoral committee for the European Parliament election, in a public session on Monday 15 April. The Council ruled in the session on the validity of the submitted lists of candidates for the European Parliament. The lists are also numbered. On the list of candidates of the ‘CDA’ candidate no. 3 (Small) was deleted. Candidates no. 3 (Van Rijn) and no. 6 (Matenko) were deleted from the ‘De Greens’ list of candidates. In addition, candidates no. 8 (Van der Stoop) and no. 6 (Matenko) have been deleted from the joint list of candidates of the ‘Region and Pirate Party’.

On 9 April the day of application took place and 16 parties submitted their list of candidates. The Electoral Council noted that documents were missing from 6 parties. The parties had until Monday 15 April at 3 pm to fix this. This was partly due to the lack of so-called consent statements: statements by candidates that they agree with their nomination on the list. In some cases, there was also a lack of a declaration from candidates that they are not also candidates in another EU member state.


Appeal against these decisions of the Electoral Council is possible up to and including 23 April at the Administrative Jurisdiction Department of the Council of State.

Number of parties and candidates

Of the 16 candidate lists (in 2014 there were 19) there are a total of 308 candidates – in 2014 there were 345. On the ‘ChristenUnie-SGP’ list the most candidates are: 30. On ‘Jesus Lives’ the least: 3.

The 9 parties that won one or more seats at the last European Parliament election in 2014 were given a number based on the number of votes these parties earned at the time.

1. Democrats 66 (D66)
2. CDA – European People’s Party
3. PVV (Party for Freedom)
4. VVD
5. SP (Socialist Party)
6. PvdA / European Social Democrats
7. Christian Union SGP
9. Party for the Animals

The other 7 lots were numbered based on draw.

10. 50 PLUS
11. Jesus Lives
13. The Greens
14. Forum for Democracy
15. from the Region & Pirate Party
16. Volt the Netherlands

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Jesus Lives participates in the Provincial Council elections

Jan 21, 2019

Jesus Lives, the political party of ‘roof-evangelist’ Joop van Ooijen, wants to participate in the elections for the Provincial States in March. The party wants to take a shot at the seats in South Holland, Brabant, Gelderland and Flevoland.

The party, known from the foreman with the large letters ‘Jesus Saves’ on the roof, also participated in some municipalities last year, but was unable to score a seat. “I think we are too extreme for many people,” says Van Ooijen. Nevertheless, he has good hope that the province will succeed. “Now other local parties do not participate, that can be to our advantage.”

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Nashville statement merely names the tip of the iceberg

Jan. 15, 2019

The erring began as early as the beginning of our era. Not the God-chosen 7th day of the week (Sabbath), but the Sunday was introduced. Not the holidays determined by God, but Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving and prayer days were introduced. Baby sprinkling instead of faith baptism as JESUS ​​teaches was introduced. The religious system of laymen and deans was conceived. As a result, exploitation and abuse of power.

Then we gain momentum:
Serious errors are accepted step by step in the religious system and almost everyone is silent.

Divorce, remarriage, cohabitation, instead of God’s order. Contraceptives, birth control, instead of God’s blessing. Evolution theory instead of creation. Sisters are going to share the Word instead of being domestic and raising children. Abortion and euthanasia are no longer murders, but solutions. Gay lesbian or transgender, God’s judgment over people who do not recognize and honor Him as the Creator. The latter is suddenly considered a step too far. A Nashville statement then.

Unfortunately, all other errors are not mentioned. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. The religious system threatens to go bankrupt.

Repentance alone can still save you. JESUS ​​saves!

Get out, back to just the Bible, go with friends and follow JESUS.
Then everything will be really new!

Jesus lives: “He loves everyone”

Mar 20, 2018

GORINCHEM, God has a plan for your life. Get to know Him and take care of each other. The advice of Him is given out of love. Follow him. Follow Jesus. Jesus loves everyone. You too.”

Wim de Visser is an areal leader of Jesus Lives, the party that has not been active in municipal politics for the past four years. The party has one important message for every inhabitant in Gorinchem: Follow Jesus.

De Visser explains that people in Gorinchem do not need rules from above, but they themselves can lead their own lives if they follow Jesus. ,, In the Netherlands, the minority determines what the majority must do. That has never been God’s original plan, “says De Visser. ,, God’s plan is to make people realize that His advice was given out of love. We need to help people live without imposing things from above. ”

De Visser himself has been following Jesus since he was eighteen. “A new start,” he calls it. “I grew up with religion,” Follow Jesus, “my parents said. But then I chose for myself. I opted for a loose life. I didn’t want to be crammed in the straitjacket of someone I don’t know. When I was eighteen and wanted to go to a party, my parents asked, “Do you choose life or do you choose death?” I thought the party would bring me life, but it almost killed me. I was hit by a drunk driver and ended up in a coma. That was horrible. I knew: I am going to hell because I never wanted to get to know God personally. ”

,,I said: if I ever come back, I will tell everyone what happens to you if you die and don’t know God. When I woke up, I felt the love of God. If so much is loved of me, then I will live for Him. “I am converted,” I wrote, because I could not speak. “Since then, De Visser has been proclaiming the message that Jesus loves everyone. ,,Jesus lives. In my house, in my body. ”

Nevertheless, De Visser also thinks that leadership is needed, also in Gorinchem. ,, In terms of infrastructure, you have to lead, for example. A lot has been arranged well, but with the wisdom of God we get further. We are not afraid to think about traffic lights and street lamps. ”

The ‘Jesus Lives’ party argues in favor of Bibles in public transport, to introduce everyone to God. “There are areas in the world where the name of Jesus is gone,” says De Visser. ,, There should be information at every school. Everyone must understand: why am I here? If you deal with God who loves you, you start to think differently. ”

What, according to De Visser, is advantageous in following Jesus for the inhabitants of Gorinchem? ,, Then Gorinchem is doing better at all levels. Then you experience why you are here, people start taking care of each other. Jesus is the truth. What do you prefer? The truth or half a lie? We don’t have to add water to the wine. Then Gorinchem goes backwards. The advice of God is given out of love. ”


* No coffee shops and offensive billboards. ,, That tempts people to go wrong and scare God. People must follow Jesus themselves. ”

*Subsidy for caregivers. ,, So that elderly and disabled people can continue to live at home. Encourage people to honor and care for father and mother. ”

* Electric public transportation. ,, We have the earth on loan. Jesus has given His life for us. He loves us that much. If you know that He has given His life for us, you must ensure that what you have on loan from Him protects. ”

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