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Jesus Lives enters the European elections 2019 with program item number 1, which is:


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Florens van der Spek
Maurits Jan Westhoven
Joop van Ooijen

European Elections Program, May 23, 2019:

Do you know that the EU costs us hands with money? That’s why we want to get out.

Do you know, for example, that 55,000 civil servants are traveling around the EU, of which 22,000 are meeting in Brussels? That is why we are soon going leaving the EU to take care of our own.

Do you know that the EU is the cause of unemployed Dutch people? Therefore from the EU, so that Dutch people have to be able to work again.

Do you know that a lot of crap enters our country from abroad?
Therefore re-enter border control.

Do you know that the love of many turns into bitterness? Therefore, stop murder, such as abortion and euthanasia.

Do you know that only integration can prevent discrimination?
Therefore, no separate residential areas for the rich, poor, or foreigners.

Do you know that millions of people are depressed? Therefore smoking and prohibiting drugs. Coffee shops close and hefty jail sentences for drug traders. Countries that produce and export drugs for 100% boycott.

Do you know that many women feel unsafe and many marriages break?
Therefore no prostitution or openly naked in society.

Do you know that the internet is destroying a lot? Therefore no non-Biblical practices on the internet.

Do you know that divorce has a very negative impact on the children?
That’s why we try to prevent divorces as much as possible.

Do you know that our parents have brought us prosperity?
That’s why we shouldn’t put our parents away in old people’s homes and financially support families who give them a place in their home.

Do you know that Defense means defense and does not playing for police in foreign countries? That’s why we want to slim down defense and only focus on defense.

Do you know that the Bible gives the best advice?
That is why JESUS ​​is our only guideline. See the JESUS ​​constitution on

ECONOMY (more environmentally friendly)

Do you know that the “Netherlands company” makes a loss every year?
Therefore, not officials, but employers as directors.

Do you know that polluted air makes people sick? That is why we encourage the generation of environmentally friendly energy and give high subsidies to, for example, solar panels and electric cars.

Do you know that in Japan thousands of liters of radioactively contaminated water have been pouring into the ocean every day for years?
Therefore no nuclear energy.

Do you know that pesticides and animal diseases make us sick?
That is why we encourage organic and small-scale food production.

Do you know that those who earn a lot should help those who earn little?
Therefore, lower income tax for lower incomes.

Do you know that families who have to live on one income have a hard time? That is why single-income households pay half of their income tax.

Do you know that our children are there for the future?
Therefore, double child benefit for families living in the Netherlands.

Do you know that VAT has been introduced to be able to continue to pay the inefficient civil service? Therefore abolish VAT on basic necessities (such as bread, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, meat and milk).

EDUCATION (more individual)

Do you know that our children are numbers in large school communities?
That is why schools with a maximum of 500 children.

Do you know that one-on-one guidance is the best learning method?
Therefore encourage and subsidize home education.

Do you know that the belief in evolution, based on survival of the strongest (Darwinism), only leads to misery? Therefore education based on faith in GOD and His love.

TRAFFIC (safer and more environmentally friendly)

Do you know that freight traffic affects the road network the most and affects it? Therefore set truck overtaking prohibition and toll payments for foreign trucks.

Do you know that there are still many accidents with children and the elderly in traffic? Therefore maximum speed of 30 km / h within the neighborhood area and 50 km / h outside the neighborhood area, if there is no separate cycle path.

Do you know that rich people do not worry about a fine for a traffic violation? Therefore pay in the event of violations and at your own expense, depending on the seriousness and frequency of the violations, for a shorter or longer period of time, into the isolation cell.


You know that many Christians are being persecuted because of their faith in JESUS. That’s why boycott countries where Christians are being persecuted and countries where Sharia law has been introduced.

Do you know that many people come to the Netherlands because they think it’s better here? Therefore only allow foreigners who have to flee because of their Christian faith, war violence or persecution.

Do you know that when we want to help people a lot of money goes into the wrong pockets? Therefore only provide assistance in kind with development aid and disasters.


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