Political Program

Choose Jesus

As program point number 1 Jesus Lives wants to make known to the Netherlands that there is only one answer, which is: Following Jesus! Change starts with every Dutch person himself, Jesus has come for the whole world, so also for Dutch people. If we follow Jesus together, everything will be better! Choosing Jesus can bring real change in the Netherlands but also in the rest of the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ has already changed so many lives and it can also change your life. That is why this point is at number 1 of the party program of Jesus Lives and that is why we want to make the gospel of Jesus Christ known. This alone can bring real change in the Netherlands but also in the rest of the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ has already changed so many lives and it can also change your life

Change starts with yourself, through Jesus. We as Jesus Lives have experienced that Jesus has radically changed our lives. That is why we believe that if we are allowed to share something in politics, the gospel of Jesus Christ must be the first one.

We also think it is important to highlight other points very clearly, but it must always begin with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Laws and rules will not change the Netherlands, nor will new plans change this. Only Jesus can change the Netherlands. The Netherlands consists of people, people who are not perfect, people who make mistakes, people who can be selfish. We are all familiar with that. Man first of all thinks about himself, which is why it is essential that man comes to faith in the Lord Jesus, and that his life is radically changed.

Jesus is the one who has turned the whole world upside down. He set the timeline to zero. He has a positive influence all over the world. If every person were to follow Jesus, this world would be a heavenly place. Jesus himself taught us so much, he taught us to pray:

Our Father who is in Heaven
Your Kingdom comes
Your will happens
just as it happens in heaven, so also on earth.

And many people want to go to heaven when they die, but God wants to make heaven on earth visible during your life. That His will is already visible on the earth and His will is good and perfect. His will is that every person will experience fullness of life and Jesus alone can give that. Jesus has already done that in so many lives and He can do that in your life as well. He can give real change, He gives new life.

He healed people who are sick, He healed people who are broken. He gave people who were trapped in sin freedom and life. Jesus turns drug criminals into new born people, people with a new and positive life, people whose lives revolve around helping others, to love.

Jesus teaches us how to love your neighbor as yourself. That is why we believe that only Jesus can bring the real change to the Netherlands.

Choose life

We stand for the protection of all life, born but also unborn. In practice, this means that Jesus Lives wants to stop the current abortion and euthanasia laws. Jesus Lives wants to take strong measures (extensive information and prohibitions) against things that directly or indirectly damage or shorten life: smoking, alcohol abuse and drug use.

Opt for a green and sustainable society

Jesus Lives believes that good care must be taken for creation. Overproduction, mass production, food waste, genetically modified food, overfishing, use of agricultural poisons and scams with raw materials are irresponsible methods of producing food.

The main reason for this is that no account is taken of creation, man or animal. Jesus Lives does take into account God’s creation, man and animal. Jesus Lives therefore wants to support organic, small-scale and animal and nature-friendly farmers. Jesus Lives wants to stimulate local production and local consumption so that our food becomes fair, environmentally friendly and better.

The government must generate green energy through solar panels. Jesus Lives wants to stimulate private initiative by giving subsidies to solar panels. The use of electric cars must be strongly encouraged.

Jesus Lives wants to stimulate production and consumption of green, organic and sustainable products through a substantial VAT reduction on these product groups.

The maximum speed within neighborhood areas should be 30 km per hour and 60 km / hour outside neighborhood areas (where traffic is slow). Freight traffic must keep an eye on a general overtaking ban. Schiphol airport will not be expanded further in the future.

Choose farewell to the European Union

Jesus Lives sees only one solution for the Netherlands and the EU: ending the cooperation as quickly as possible, a Nexit. It is impossible for the EU to decide what is good for the Netherlands and its norms and values. The EU is too large, too complex and unable to make the right decisions for our society.

Control must go back to the Netherlands, back to the municipalities, back to the citizens. Cooperation within Europe should be promoted where possible, but not through the EU.

Opt for a social and fair society

Love your neighbor as yourself and above all God is a statement from Jesus that we take seriously. Important topics such as safety, income and harmony in society are thus fully covered. Under this heading we explain how we view the first part of this statement politically:

Jesus Lives wants to encourage a good family life. A family as a “good nest” is the basis for a society that looks after each other. Families need to be protected and helped so that parents and children can achieve stability. The number of divorces (and the negative consequences of divorce) will decrease as a result.

Vulnerable people and socially weak people in our society must be supported with money and above all with human personal care. Help from loved ones (relatives or volunteers) and home care should be encouraged. Abuse of this care must be tackled immediately.

Jesus wants that commerce, too expensive medicines, too high salaries and too high costs are tackled in the short term. It is not acceptable for the health care sector to make a good living, at the expense of patients and executive staff.

All refugees from war zones are welcome in the Netherlands. As soon as the situation is safe in the country of origin, everything will be set in motion to allow refugees to return to their own country.

Jesus Lives wants to give development aid only in kind or through physical assistance on site during disasters.

A harmonious society is not accompanied by all kinds of sexual excrescences. Jesus Lives wants to take strong measures (extensive information, prohibitions and penalization of “buyers”) against prostitution, forced sex, (child) porn, internet sex, sex slavery and human trafficking.

Choose Israel

Jesus Lives stands with Israel. All of Israel (including Judea and Samaria), with all of Jerusalem as an undivided capital, is for the people of Israel. The current problems in the Middle East and in Israel can only be solved by making agreements and working together with Arab partners who are not after the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

Choose good education

The maximum number of children in schools must be reduced to 500 children per school.

In addition, home education must be encouraged and subsidized.

The individual child should receive maximum personal attention during the entire period that the child receives education.

Choose for self support

Jesus Lives is against any form of subsidy used to entertain people. Every recreational activity (eg sport, culture, etc.) must be completely self-supporting. This does not apply to activities aimed at supporting the weak.

Choose safety

Jesus Lives wants to increase security for the citizen through more police supervision. This will also reduce crime.


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