Jesus Lives: “For a society based on love and justice.”

The Jesus Lives political party is:

a party where the JESUS ​​rules of life apply. The double rainbow represents the salvation of JESUS.

a party that stands up for a just society.

a party that does not add water to the wine and expresses its views.

a party that does not accept injustice.

a party that serves the citizens.

a party where ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’ is the basis.

a party where people are more important than enforcing rules.

a party where every person can be unique.

the party that is the best for the Netherlands.

The main points from the Jesus Lives program are:

Choose Jesus

Change starts with every Dutch person himself, Jesus has come for the whole world, so also for Dutch people. If we follow Jesus together, everything will be better! Choosing Jesus can bring real change in the Netherlands but also in the rest of the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ has already changed so many lives and it can also change your life.

Choose life

We stand for the protection of all life, born but also unborn. In practice, this means that Jesus Lives wants to stop the current abortion and euthanasia laws. Jesus Lives wants to take strong measures (extensive information and prohibitions) against things that directly or indirectly damage or shorten life: smoking, alcohol abuse and drug use.

Opt for a green and sustainable society

Jesus Lives believes that good care must be taken for creation. Overproduction, mass production, food waste, genetically modified food, overfishing, use of agricultural poisons and scams with raw materials are irresponsible methods of producing food.

For full political campaign program, click here.